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Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Helpful Scrapbooking Terms

Scrapper - Someone who engages in the hobby of scrapbooking.
Crop - The practice of trimming or cropping photos, either for decorative elements or to simply resize them.  The word "crop" is also used by some scrappers to refer to a scrapbook gathering, whether it's a convention, retreat, cruise, or even just a group of friends getting together at one's house to work on their scrapbooks as a group.
Embellishments - The decorative elements that really make a page come alive.  Embellishments include stickers, rub-ons, stamps, eyelets, brads, chipboard elements in various shapes, alphabet letters and ribbon. 
Journaling - Journaling refers to the writing or storytelling that's often involved in scrapbooks.
Eyelet - Eyelets are small metal circles through which the laces are threaded on a pair of shoes. They are used in a scrapbook context as decoration and as a means to "rivet" components onto a page - mainly card stock.
Nameplate - An embellishment that looks like its name implies - a round or rectangular plate with a person's name inside.
Punchies - The paper shape which results from using a paper punch tool - not the hole left by the punch. Punchies can be used on a scrapbook page for decorative effect, giving your page the look of confetti.
So learn these words and phrases and you'll better understand what's being said when you're actually working on a scrapbook.

 These terms are provided courtesy of Christine at Into Scrapbooking. You can visit the site here
Into Scrapbooking Website
  This site is a great resource to scrapbookers who are interested in digital, traditional as well as hybrid scrapbooking. So, thank her for providing these educational and informative scrapbooking terms by checking out here site above!!!

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