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I am a Stay At Home Mom with two boys aged 16 and 8. My 16 year old lives with Autism and my 8 year old is developmentally delayed. Additionally, I am the proud owner of Cajun Beauty's Scraps. We have also expanded to making homemade cards for charities. And I am also interested in advocating for the homeless!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Card Making For Our Heroes!!!!!

  I have always been interested in expanding to make cards, but now I have a real good reason to start, our heroes!! I'm not talking about the ones we read about in our comic books. Nope!! I'm talking about The Heroes that give up so much to go overseas to fight for our freedom! I just found out about a site through an email that I received that you can make homemade cards and send to a designated shipper and they ship them to our Heroes so they can send cards back home to their loved ones and friends. They don't have access to card shops where they are stationed so, they rely on us to make cards for them to send back home. I have been so inspired from this website that I have decided to start making cards for our troops!! This link will show you why!!

  If you want to join me in making cards for our troops you can find out more information here
Operation Write Home Website

  Or if you want to help me with supplies that I can use to make cards please send me an email with how you can help at cajunbeautysscraps@Yahoo.com .

   And as always you can help by going to the Operation Write Home website above and donate.
    I hope that I have inspired you today!!!!


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